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Products & Services
Malaysia Bamboo supplies three main natural products of various sizes – bamboo poles, bamboo sticks and raw tongkat ali (type black or white).

Bamboo Poles
Bamboo PolesBamboo Poles / cane / stake play an important role in the early development of the young plants and trees. It was widely used for horticulture and agriculture industry. Bamboo poles also are good for build fencing, furniture and structures as bamboo possess incredible structural properties allowing for innovative construction applications.

Bamboo Poles Bamboo poles that we provide have original light green in color, but our bamboo poles will be usually treated (unless requested) to make then avoid insect, erosion and mildew. This caused poles to light yellow color.

Most of poles are "A" grade poles, which are selected by our experts before they were cut down on the hill and processed carefully in our factory.

Bamboo Poles We can supply a variety range of both in lengths and diameters. Sizes can be ranging from 1 ½” (40mm) to 5” (125mm) and length to maximum 20feets (6 meters) whichever best suits the needs of various customers.